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We specialize in artist development, consulting, publicity, retail and social network marketing, merchandising and music distribution.

About us

  • to empower people interested in the music industry to reach their goals as independently as possible.
  • to support, and help you navigate the "music industry business maze".
  • is that you don’t have to be the most talented person in the world to be a superstar; you just have to possess a work ethic that says; “no one will outwork me”! Stars are not born; they are developed, made and created through hard work, discipline, focus and integrity.
  • to work with independent artists who have passion & drive.
  • to work with you to plan and execute the vision.
  • to work with management needing additional support to move their artists forward.
About us

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Art is no less important than commerce for today's developing Artist.

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Everything starts with a song. Without great songs, there is no music business.

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After recording, your songs must be heard, as well as become available.

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